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Blockchain technology powers Popula
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Popula is a journalist-owned, journalist-run, ad-free publication with nobody to answer to, except you.

We started Popula with a generous grant from Civil, and we’re going to use it to demonstrate how blockchain technology can protect the quality and integrity of what you read. We’ll be rolling out the cryptoeconomics of Popula in the weeks and months to come. But right now, we’re ready to begin bringing you interesting, beautiful writing, art, and information from all over.

We don’t believe that there are only five important places in the world. We seek interesting views and commentary from everyone, everywhere, and we are amplifying conversations large and small, though we’re not at all “cosmopolitan”: When someone famous dies or gets divorced or ends up in jail, you might not hear anything about it from us for a long time, or ever. We’re not trying to get anywhere first.

In case you’re interested—though you needn’t ever be in order to read Popula—the Civil cryptoeconomy will be central to what we’re doing in a number of ways. For example, by archiving Popula on the Ethereum blockchain, we’ll ensure that our work can never be altered, censored or destroyed, at least not while the Ethereum blockchain exists. Civilization rests on our ability to preserve history as it really happened, not as various powerful interests would prefer us to see it. Archiving also keeps us honest, and accountable to you. When we make a mistake and need to make alterations to a story, the history of our errors will not disappear; we’re in the business of keeping permanent receipts.

Mainly, we plan to tell the truth and have fun.

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