Q: This can be your first Frequently Asked Question!
Why don’t you have a Facebook page? Is it because Facebook sux? Unfortunately I am beholden to it.

A: Yes.

Who is Popula for?

Readers who love the world, and good writing and art. Press freedom advocates. Readers interested in learning about distant places and events from writers with real connections to them, rather than “parachuted-in” media.

Those interested in the potential of blockchain technology to secure speech rights, digital archives, and an independent press. People who like truth, seriousness, and fun.

Are you on social media?

We can be found on Twitter at @popula. Our cooperative publishing platform, the Brick House, can be found at @brickhousecoop.

Can I write for you?

Maybe! Popula is a small startup with not much money. Most of our slender freelance budget is dedicated to non-U.S. contributors. Please contact us at submissions@popula.com with questions or pitches.

Does creative commons apply to Popula?

No. Authors retain their copyright in Popula articles after a short exclusive period. Please contact us for information on reprint rights at hey@popula.com.

I know little (nothing) about blockchain. Can I still hang out here?

Yes. You can subscribe to Popula and the entire suite of Brick House-supported outlets with an ordinary credit card for unlimited access to all nine sites.

If you’re interested in commenting, or in tipping authors, though, you will need a bit of ETH cryptocurrency. More on that here.

Do you have ambitious plans to save the world, or soothe us in our condition?

We’re pretty obsessed with press freedom! and egalitarianism. So… to the extent a publication can do those things, Yes.

Do you want to be accessible to regular people?

That’s the only kind there is.

Please ask us questions at hey@popula.com.