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The Badger

Are Some People So Wonderful They Don’t Need To Bring Anything When They Come Over?

La Comédie humaine Primary category in which blog post is published

La Comédie humaine: Robot, soldier, lunatic?

Julien got it anyway. It was a robot thing. He had a terrific robot accent.



Animals in a Bad Situation

Unconditional love has an expiration date

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Sometimes I like to pretend that I have better things to do

I tried to remember if I had verbally spoken to anyone in person all weekend. I closed the tab.

Jack Pendarvis Talks to Himself

So you wanna have more than one pie. So Anastasia spent all day long baking pies. And just the effort!

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Hometown: White River and Verulam, South Africa

I blended in, until I shaved my hair and dyed it pink.

Somebody Had to Set a Bad Example

The return of the Pistol Annies calls attention to a troubling gender imbalance in the country music industry.