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A veteran and historian responds to Nate Powell’s “About Face”

The 1,600 military amputees since 2001 whose vehicles were so easily targeted with IEDs are not play-acting.

Jack Pendarvis’s Moby-Dick

Four feet tall, lived in a cave… Quaker… vegetarian.

First, aid

What is hardwired is resistant to stress.

How To Read the News

"People who were paid to produce knowledge generated instead a lasting ignorance.”

Tempo: May 19, 2019

J. Matt on the heart-stopping scale of the Camp Fire cleanup; Molly Fisk, who lives nearby, visited the scene of the fire; Trevor Alixopulos examines damage control from within, rather than without.

Jack Pendarvis’s Moby-Dick

“Just take a look at Captain Ahab before you decide, because I’m talkin’ about a guy whose leg was bitten off.”

A Sea Goddess Told Me to Destroy the World

Gou’s claim that his run was ordained by Mazu was a calculated political move.

Krankmeldung (that is, a Doctor’s Note)

When I told my German friends that I’d been hired by Amazon, their responses were negative. But I doubted them; how bad could it be?

Diaries of a Wall Street analyst, 2003

"Mike, it's blockhead."