... quit facebook, also amazon ... people and institutions have value to the exact extent they care outside themselves ... crypto flat BTC 10196 eth 191 ... np: chicago — colour my world

Jack Pendarvis’s Moby-Dick

A hand-wrought nail that will hold a frickin’ board into another board for a thousand years.

Weather because, well, hurricanes

We try to avoid those

The Case for Climate Rage

"I barely know your kids and I feel like I would jump in front of a bus to stop this shit."

Is Philanthropy Good?

spoiler: not always

The Uncertainty is the Most Terrifying Part of It All

Police shot out the eye of a female medic with a bean bag, fracturing the bones in her face.

Jack Pendarvis’s Moby-Dick

Brave men are dangerous!

Hong Kong protests: Imagining the end of the police

What is "the rule of law" in a rigged society?

A “traitor” to my country

When the hammer came down, it came down on those with less power.

Like Gamergate, except from India and about Kashmir instead of videogames

Seven million people have been cut off from the internet and even landlines.