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“Are you a news junkie?”

I am completely nonplussed at the idea that it is even possible not to be “interested” in “the news.” It’s the main thing going on, no? There is also so much of it.

Dance Craze

15 years ago a dance craze swept through my hometown, and me with it.

4 Minute Read

I’m angry because our lives are increasingly meted out in pockets of time, and I want it to stop.

The Dora Mayer Duty

In 1916, when this story began, there were only a few Mayers: mad, hysterical, independent, interesting women—alone in their time.

Jack Pendarvis Talks to Himself

Once I worked with a baby chimp. Back in the nineties. Never mind why.

Cosmopolitan Ciondo

The ciondo-selling women were the first women I encountered as business travelers.

Praying for Work

Having grown up with hyper-religious black aunties, I knew that when the woman’s teary eyes met mine I was supposed to join her in prayer.

The Two Greens, Part 2

To achieve a transformation adequate to the scale of planetary catastrophe, we will need to stop having firms that are ruled by profit.