... remember thinking people on the us supreme court were smart ... quit facebook ... np josin - company ... buy things in a shop ...

Primal Squirm

What the Sixth IPCC Report really says

A Hundred Hours of the Ministry of Health on Nightcore

For how long had I been doing this? A hundred days, or 10,000 years?

Eyes Lowered

The label on the wall describes the painting as a self-portrait, but I see it as a mirror

At the Elder’s Corner

the glories of art and music in Nigeria before independence, in a new documentary

A has never danced, but he gave it a pretty good go

his brow furrowed intently

Some Personal News

The life and death of a freelance journalism career: "I guess I wonder why some writers still do it. I hope they still want to make a difference—or just have amazing experiences—because there’s value in that."

Is the “journalism crisis” just a capitalism crisis?

A roundtable on addressing the structural breakdown of media

“Commoners’ food”

Fried chicken, the signature dish of Korean neoliberalism

Freedom to Make Art* (*restrictions apply)

Afghanistan's troubled film history, examined in a new documentary