...defecting labour mps seem a lil shady tbh ... ETH leaps to 146 BTC 3916 ... quit facebook ... NR: r.d. laing — the divided self ... NP: the only ones — no solution

Cosmopolitan Ciondo

The ciondo-selling women were the first women I encountered as business travelers.

Praying for Work

Having grown up with hyper-religious black aunties, I knew that when the woman’s teary eyes met mine I was supposed to join her in prayer.

The Two Greens, Part 2

To achieve a transformation adequate to the scale of planetary catastrophe, we will need to stop having firms that are ruled by profit.

Vegetables Don’t Exist

But That's No Reason to Be a Worry Wort about It

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“Police Praise ‘Safe, Orderly’ Carnival”

I rode the 381 home and sat in the priority seats just behind the box of free tabloids.

Gold Rush

Towards a Grand Unified Field Theory of Why Dogs Pee Where They Do (In Fields, for example)

The Screwtape Records

Screwed Up Records & Tapes is a record store that sells neither records nor tapes.

Animals in a Bad Situation

No meaningful dialogue goes unpunished

An Apology to My Language, Whichever That May Be

“Why is this all in English?”