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‘May our worst days be like this’: an ode to rakı

The chaos waned after 2016, but the underlying tensions and toxic political atmosphere showed no signs of diminishing.

The Faces of Google Street View

Something interesting sometimes happens, a kind of rupture in the fabric of the Street View universe: the drivers’ faces appear, warped but not blurred.

We are talking about just the normal types of tourists here

Just a normal type of Christine Lagarde-looking older German lady tourist with a big fucking green beaded necklace and some spectacles with red frames standing right in the doorway of a bad restaurant on Long Street.

Animals in a Bad Situation

In 2019 I'm trying my best, as a ridiculous dog

Our Names Identified Us as Foreigners

In Nairobi, we found a community of fellow urban refugees we learned to call family.

Pumping Ryan

Gregg Segal tells us what it was like to take these absolutely bananas photos.

Jack Pendarvis Talks to Himself

Late that night he… put on that fur jockstrap—and you know, I’m just as happy that I wasn’t there.

Winter Repression

Towers aren’t there for the poor, they aren’t there for you and me.