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King in the North

Like many others, when posting pictures of myself and friends on social media, I find myself captioning them #YaranNorthSide.

Hell’s Kitchens

The absurdities of our global economic system had arrived, via mysteriously luxurious Trojan food cart, in my neighborhood.

Billionaires are failures!

Whatever one may think of "the American Dream" the phrase is, in its original meaning, an egalitarian dream.

Jack Pendarvis’s Moby-Dick

Have you ever had anyone over for dinner? Then you have tasted what it is to be Caesar!

Methods for droplet vitrification on the eve of disaster

The story of bananas is one of constant near-extinction.

Siya Kolisi’s Spell

A nation is the product of magical thinking.

Wild Youth: Berlin 1988

As she watched them drive away, she thought: “That’s it. You will never see her again.”

The Dried Mango Strips of National Doom

The most kiang election in Taiwanese history.

Jack Pendarvis’s Moby-Dick

"Oh, Ahab! You’re so shaggy. You’re just an old, shaggy Nantucket… geezer."