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“See the World”

Andrew Yang: The Man Without Qualities

the model minority candidate for mayor of New York represents the status quo

Scheming for Moderna in the Black Heart of Budapest: An Ex-pat’s Vax Adventure

If I’ve learned anything this past year, living in a somewhat unstable foreign country during a vicious global pandemic, it’s to trust my survival instinct: Stock up on rice and beans, make sure my bills are paid, check in with family and friends, and stay away from vaccines that sound like Captain Beefheart album titles.

A Life of Dignity

"Your pictures rob her of dignity," someone white says, because to them there is no dignity in aging, and especially not in dying. To me, dignity is nearly all Maurie Jo has left.

How to Get By

"I’d expected something more existential or philosophical to help with my grief — like really good art or therapy. Instead, repetitive movements and cheesy motivational sayings were getting me to a place of semi-emotional stability. After working out, I felt like I could get through the day."

Time to Be Good

The point of Ramadan is the struggle

Self-Flagellation in the Validation Economy

When does the joy come?

Welcome to the Dampest Spot in Town: Three Bleak Hours at the Mustang Motel

In the midst of a global pandemic, there were no rooms at LA's sleaziest inn.

Shoplifting at Sephora and Other Acts of Humanity

"We were the majority. For the first time in all our lives. A trans majority."

A Conspiracy Theorist’s Garden

The sun was shining. Bees hummed about the lavender bushes.