... quit facebook ... CRYPTO spike btc 9182 eth 273 ... quit amazon too ... also quit Boris Johnson, uk what a terrible idea ... np: sparks — wonder girl


just half a sec

Enteignung means “expropriation”

Rent doesn't rise by itself.

A biriyani party in Bloomington

“I can’t compete with a Pakistani!” Pallavi exclaimed.

Reflections of a Grave-Digger

I mourned New York, the relationship, my friend.

Jack Pendarvis’s Moby-Dick

Ishmael would’ve gone to see that Martin Scorsese movie 'Silence' and thought, “Hey! What’s the big deal?”


When you wish upon a bone

God save your mad parade

We mean it, man

Maybe shoot the interview off-campus, he said apologetically

“Go straight,” I said, when the driver had pulled over, his face crinkled in uncertainty.

True Love Waits

I dreamed of what it would be like to enjoy marital sex, but mostly of what it would feel like to not be alone.