... orban's (real) anti-semitism evidently a-ok with the white house ... CRYPTO spikes BTC 8243 ETH 263 ... Np: ashford and simpson — solid as a rock ...

Jack Pendarvis’s Moby-Dick

“Just take a look at Captain Ahab before you decide, because I’m talkin’ about a guy whose leg was bitten off.”

A Sea Goddess Told Me to Destroy the World

Gou’s claim that his run was ordained by Mazu was a calculated political move.

Krankmeldung (that is, a Doctor’s Note)

When I told my German friends that I’d been hired by Amazon, their responses were negative. But I doubted them; how bad could it be?

Diaries of a Wall Street analyst, 2003

"Mike, it's blockhead."

This is a dig against me, not the book

Merle loves to stare at people. She is very old.

Tempo: May 12, 2019

Lorenzo Andolfatto on China's "soft" interrogations of ordinary people; a first-hand account of such an interrogation; Magunga Williams's reminiscences of a former colleague in Nairobi.

Centrist Utopian Novel Premises

...the best possible compromise that leaves everybody happy.

Popula’s Greatest Hits (so far)

The top twenty most-read posts since we began in June of 2018.

There were more birthday wishes, even some from people I didn’t know

It got me really really curious.