... get some stents, joe biden ... quit facebook as hard as possible ... crypto down BTC 8002 ETH 175 ... NR: Alan Sokal : Transgressing the Boundaries ...

Jack Pendarvis’s Moby-Dick

And little puffs of smoke are goin’ in Ahab’s face.

All-in on the Triple Red Hot Ultra Stack Dragon

Almost 90% of South Africa’s electricity is produced from coal by Eskom.

The persistence of memory

“It’d be interesting to know why this perfume is so important to you,” my shrink said.

The failures of Ayn Rand

On the matter of looters and parasites.

Ruling Class Superfriends

A talk with the man who made that extraordinary Ellen DeGeneres/Iraq War video.

brb (after Oakland HQ blackout)

Teaching the Liberal Arts in Prison

Our college listed our class as Craft of Manga.

Jack Pendarvis’s Moby-Dick

It seems more like Schumann, because he… you know, thought ghosts were whispering in his ears.

Tonight in SF: ‘In Their Own Words: a Dialogue About Global Warming’

'The work is intended to be an alarm rung to wake us up to the emergency we face.'