Adrift in Amber Waves of Grain

La víspera de Año Nuevo

And then there are the fireworks.

Part Six: Rationalize

No windfall came, and I am now forever grateful for that.

Detour: Spain

Orwell is still trying to get us straightened out.

Step Five: Rationalize

I have known Rick since we first met in Kindergarten and went on together through 12th grade, long before he became once and forever a Marine.

Step Four: Rationalize

At this stage of my life I do no research.

Step Three: Rationalize

In the field he could roll a cigarette, for the most part with one hand, in a gale force wind.

Step Two: Rationalize

For the most part I labor in near-total isolation in the company of a couple of sleeping dogs.

Step One: Rationalize

The wallpaper had fallen off the walls in the living room and lay on the floor.