Goodnight, Oscar Levant, Wherever You Are

An appreciation for the unappreciated.

Seeing Red

the art of Syd Solomon as it relates to Earth's current predicament

Loss For Words: A Meditation on the Ubiquity of Bizarre Corporate Language

"Sometimes a CEO would come in and pace. He needed to “think out loud.” We’d have pastries, coffee; I remember feeling at a loss: how do I behave in front of this client when I have truly no idea what I’m supposed to do or be?"

Closer to the Nursing Home

Is this the last magazine I'll read before I die?


Ten years after one of the deadliest tornadoes in history ripped through his town, an ex-newspaper reporter remembers all that was lost and all that was left.

The Limits of Logic

Who, or what, do you trust?

Biden at the Border

the problem wasn't "kids in cages"

The Spirit of History

regarding a small act of betrayal

here’s comics!