Reflections of a Grave-Digger

I mourned New York, the relationship, my friend.

The Billboards of Sonoma County

The incredibly ugly Korbel billboard made me actively twitchy the way the Emerald Cup billboard did.

The Sound of Music

I suspect we learned about Nazism in some unit or other, but it was buried under everything else we had to learn: how to castrate a bull, the three arms of government, Kenya’s cash crops, and how to sycophant for the Dictator Moi.

I got 50 % at Blind Tasting and Was Stoked

Technically it's an F but —

Lucky Jim

Me, marooned on Sex Life in Ancient Rome Face Island.

The Riot Button

An elevator in Sacramento would like you to know that dystopia is already here

Happy Birthday, Nabokov

I imagine you sitting in your well-appointed study, playing chess and breaking Shostakovich records over your knee.

Asia and Australia: a selection

a selection of Popula stories concerning Asia and Australia

Leafy Suburb Children

"Not all of us who descended on the park were from leafy suburbs, but we had the aura of people who were."