Animals in a Bad Situation

A turtle's plans go awry

Animals in a Bad Situation

How deep is your love?

Animals in a Bad Situation

No meaningful dialogue goes unpunished

I am the only person ever on the streets

No one walks here. Ever! Not even to walk their dogs. Animals work. Dogs guard. Donkeys eat weeds. Chickens lay eggs.

My Year of Small Deaths

Our lawn is now dotted with animal graves.

Animals in a Bad Situation

Unconditional love has an expiration date

B. Is Dying

Floating through enchanted waters

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A duck struts onto the bus

I’m getting a real “NPC” vibe from this duck

This morning Juliana, three years old, and Dave, three and a half, woke us up singing at the top of their voices.

Juliana and Dave’s early morning orchestra, where they trudge around and regale the community with melodic nursery rhymes and lullabies, is something beautiful to hear and watch.