Thus Spoke the Booksellers

Conversations with booksellers at the Brancion Market for Used and Antique Books.

La Comédie humaine: Va voir un psy

The French are nuts for Ça va. They think it’s “cruel and profound in its drôlerie.”

La Comédie humaine: Robot, soldier, lunatic?

Julien got it anyway. It was a robot thing. He had a terrific robot accent.

La Comédie humaine: Mot de passe

My journey to the savage heart of French culture was well underway.

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Never have I been more conscious of how “direct” and “overly-intense” I am

My classmates are from Germany, Japan, Cuba, Italy, England, France, Taiwan, and more.

La Comédie humaine: Plus fort!

Now, we were to greet each other—whispering, so no one could cheat—by name. Whrookay.

La Comédie humaine: Tonguetwister

Stage actors need perfect elocution.

La Comédie humaine: Bright lights

“WHRROA-kay,” he said. “Now, walk in a paranoid spirit.”