Teaching the Liberal Arts in Prison

Our college listed our class as Craft of Manga.

On the outside

The machine warps the cog and the cog warps the machine.

Shetland Squadron

When you're locked in a dungeon but you look GOOD

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Plenty to think about, but not much to believe in

At Grace, love is a practice as much as a feeling.

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The man was not home

He should be home Thursday, or Friday. No particular time is better than another.

Your Tax Dollars, Spent as Disgustingly as Possible

America, self-styled Land Of The Free, imprisons more of its citizens, as a percentage of the population, than any other country on earth.

Prison letter: Synesthesia

Anger stains the soul just like an ink blot spoils the page.

One of Y’all Can Write It Down

Teaching writing at Orleans Parish Prison

From prison: Fairouz in the morning

In less than a month’s time, I will begin my sixth year in prison. Another terrifying number.