Trevor Alixopulos

COVID-19 Diary Comic: Bars I’m Missing in the Holidays

Quarantined away from liquid holiday cheer

COVID-19 Diary Comic: June March

People and pathogen, on the go

COVID-19 Diary Comic: Online Dancing

All I want to do is Zoom-a-Zoom-Zoom-Zoom

Where Your Eyes Don’t Go

My dr says I'm lacking in depth.

Pathos to th’ Mos’

My endless quest for pathetic businesses to support.

Dance Craze

15 years ago a dance craze swept through my hometown, and me with it.

New Tricks

The costs of learning and unlearning ticky tacky

Speaking Circuit

Literally every TED talk

Drinks Primary category in which blog post is published

Cheap Holiday Scotch & “Cheers”

Getting through the long winter night.