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White Words

“Eskimos Have Fifty Words for Snow” is an amazing phrase, because every word in it is wrong.

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Before Breakfast

How To Brew Beer Over an Open Wood-Fire If You're Not Too Particular About the Precise Results

The Worst Time of the Week To Take a Dog to the Vet

This did not seem, to him, like a good place to come to.

Meat and Potatoes

I burned my hand but all I got was this story

Books Are Fine Things

Much as it pains the book reviewer in me to admit it


I Have Not Finished This Very Good Novel (Though I Probably Will)

Back On It

I tweeted a tweet about the president and the modest virality of that tweet smells bad

A Traditional East African Woman’s Dwelling (The Oakland Zoo)

On My Second Coming I Found That It Had Fallen Apart

At Rest

At the Museo Gabriela Mistral de Vicuña