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The Electoral College Doesn’t Exist

Nevertheless, there it is, and unless we unmake it, there it will remain

Children of the Industrocene

Local myth posits that the West Virginian developed its resistance to pollutants from its cult-like adherence to a kind of moth god.

Precisely Every Now and Then I Fall Apart

How to Predict the Next President

West Virginia Snow Days

Reality is made out of rituals

Was There Ever A Country?

Biafra remains a should-have-been, at least in part because it never was.

Gold Rush

Towards a Grand Unified Field Theory of Why Dogs Pee Where They Do (In Fields, for example)

White Words

“Eskimos Have Fifty Words for Snow” is an amazing phrase, because every word in it is wrong.

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Before Breakfast

How To Brew Beer Over an Open Wood-Fire If You're Not Too Particular About the Precise Results