Articles By Joshua Clover

Black September

September has been determined to show us the ways that the world tries to break black athletes.

Left vs Left

The Left once stood for extraparliamentary struggle; now you are a bomb-hurling maniac for suggesting a trivial tax increase.

Black Cop, Black Power

If we forsook cop films for a century there would be nary a loss to civilization.

Against Fortress Leftism

Free movement over markets is a minimum demand.

Sovereignty and Irony

Extrajudicial killing is the pure truth of our devotion to international sovereignty.

Volatile States

We must not just ask what a contemporary slave rebellion would look like—we must be on its side.

The Logic of Masks

Other than to oppose the threat of violent white nationalists, masked antifa terrorists have shown up in America a total of zero times ever.

Politics After Parkland

Liberalism, legitimacy, and loving the Parkland kids.