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Happy Year of the Alien Invasion!

It was neither comet nor asteroid, but a cylinder, with a soft red glow, mostly made of iron.

Transmissions From Beyond

We must learn to recognize the divine, especially when it appears in mundane clothes.

There’s a Mighty Judgment Coming

Like Jonathan Swift or Alanis Morissette or the holy fool Nasruddin, these oldest quotes attributed to Jesus contain irony and humor, but in the service of mercy.

The Revolution Will Have To Wait

It takes more than furries-for-hire to force Trump from the White House

Will Trump Be President Forever?

Jim Inhofe was standing behind us, unmolested.

An Elusive Anti-Trump Occupation In the Deluge


From Small Things, Big Thugs Sometimes Fall

Howling At the White House From Lafayette Square

Hell Is Other People

I say it like this: “My deeds are my only possessions.”