Articles By Keguro Macharia

Imagining Colonial Soldiers

Touch by touch, gesture by gesture, worlds could be reformed, alliances forged.

Visiting the Club

The colonial-era club was supposed to replicate the private gentlemen’s clubs in England, where the wealthy and privileged nurse their gout.

Demons and Dissidents

Even a cursory glance at mainstream Kenyan discussions reveals that the Report on Devil Worship became the dominant frame through which to understand state and society.

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It took me ten years to learn how to write about my father, about his life and death, about how I was still learning to live without him. I am still learning.

Jamhuri Day

I have never seen Kenyan flags hanging in doorways or from apartment windows. Those of us who grew up under the tyrant Moi associate them with forced performances of patriotism.

Mbwa Kali

It felt like a rite of passage to have a story about being chased by dogs

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It felt anthropological

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A choice between ethnonationalist patriarchs is no choice.

Poop Tales

Of Un-flushable Wet Wipes and other Un-African Shames