Articles By Keguro Macharia

The Sound of Music

I suspect we learned about Nazism in some unit or other, but it was buried under everything else we had to learn: how to castrate a bull, the three arms of government, Kenya’s cash crops, and how to sycophant for the Dictator Moi.

My Fair Lady

We do not remain unmarked by what we consume.

Leafy Suburb Children

"Not all of us who descended on the park were from leafy suburbs, but we had the aura of people who were."

1945 & 1948

The Pan-African Declaration identified imperialism as the main impediment to global emancipation; the United Nations Declaration ignored imperialism.

Plastic Bags

Every critique of BIG something—BIG tobacco, BIG oil, BIG sugar, BIG plastics, BIG water, BIG pencils, BIG candy, BIG sex toys—sounds right.

Editing Africa

I hope that the Africans who read Popula about other parts of Africa experience moments of recognition and wonder.

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The Faces of Woiye

Woiye really comes into its own during a good gossip session.

Remittance Futures

Kenyans abroad are viewed as unending sources of funds by state and kin.

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Dangerous Nails

Our bodies were unruly and had to be controlled.