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Glorious Reading This Week at Popula

Selections from your delighted editor.

The week that was

Light in the darkness.

The literature of the universe

Adventure Time comes to a close.

For your reading pleasure

from Popula's remarkable history this week

Where the word Empowerment is, there too Bullshit you shall likely find

"The small collection includes athleisure wear and jewelry inscribed with feminist messages in both Arabic and English."

Dismediation, revisited

Disinformation, once it’s done telling its lie, is finished with you. Dismediation is looking to make sure you never really trust or believe a news story, ever again

Hard to choose; Popula was amazing last week

NYT Fact Check, Jean-Luc Picard, Kofi Annan, Samuel Beckett, and a bikini wax in Nairobi.

Civil Journalists have a lot of Soul (and rudimentary acting skills)

A new video from some of the newsroom leaders of Civil's First Fleet.