Articles By Sarah Miller

In Search of Tut’s Lost Death Mask

As a child, I was denied Tut. As an adult, I was determined to possess him.

Reactor Man

It’s one thing to become enlightened. It’s quite another to force people to watch this process in real time.

A Lady Touched My Elbow Once

I couldn’t speak, and the woman was kind enough to expand upon her reasons for her unsolicited and prolonged caress of a part of my body I just assume no one, ever, for any reason, should ever touch.

Horses, Tequila, Advil

Day four of my trip to Jackson, Wyoming.

The Virginian and Air Force 2

Day three of my trip to Jackson, Wyoming.

Persephone’s: Easy to Complain. Hard to Stay Away.

Sometimes you want to go where nobody knows your name but they will write it on a post-it and place it next to your coffee on a neat little shelf.

Country Strong

California is great, and also not great, and it follows you wherever you go.

A Busy Day In Which Watching My Program Was BY FAR The Best Part

"Tech people have dreams like everyone else," I said. Tor snorted. "Don't be ridiculous," he said.

Moviegoing in the Age of Anxiety

Seeing a movie with friends sounds great. But have you ever actually tried it?