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This is a dig against me, not the book

Merle loves to stare at people. She is very old.

What if you are a fucking bitch?

What then?

I dared him to tell me he liked Hamilton

A slightly but not entirely sluggy day.

I got 50 % at Blind Tasting and Was Stoked

Technically it's an F but —

He’s Cat Dancing as Fast as He Can

Ten-year-old Roy Gano loves his cat and spinning buildings.

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Grandpa’s Beer

The thing that Bob G. cared about a lot, and would NOT RELAX ABOUT, was the temperature of beer.

Heaven or High Water

Selling Miami's last 50 years

A Very Lost Coast Birthday

They seemed to have an instant rapport which could be explained by blood or just not explained at all.

Lost Coast Intro

I have discovered that the surest way to end up in a place is to imagine you'll never go there.