Have You Ever Had a Crush???!?!

a call for submissions from our friends at the new CAPE MAG

Between Infodemic and Pandemic: The Paranoid Style in Taiwanese Politics

Conspiracy theories are apparently a side effect of the Delta variant in Taiwan

Loss For Words: A Meditation on the Ubiquity of Bizarre Corporate Language

"Sometimes a CEO would come in and pace. He needed to “think out loud.” We’d have pastries, coffee; I remember feeling at a loss: how do I behave in front of this client when I have truly no idea what I’m supposed to do or be?"

Crimes Against Nature

Policing and punishment in the illegal wildlife trades

‘Zola’ is the Only Movie

Who you gonna be tonight

Closer to the Nursing Home

Is this the last magazine I'll read before I die?

The Last Dirty Picture Show

A love letter to the Tiki Adult Theater: "When it’s gone, where will all these lost souls go?"

Wherefore, qua, bonum: decrypting Indian legalese

A colonial hangover, or unrealised literary dreams

Demons, Panic and Memory

on tales of the occult