... congratulations to the us senate just this once ... NP: shah rukh khan - haule haule .... quit facebook ... billionaires, mars awaits ...

Jack Pendarvis’s Moby-Dick

But, hey, people believe in the devil.

A Survivor’s Little Death

the aftermath of living through a 2014 terrorist bombing

A Funeral to Headline

a Los Angeles drag queen reflects on putting the fun in funeral

Death of a Disco Dancer

I could live this life

Jack Pendarvis’s Moby-Dick

“Have you seen the white whale?” Ahab asks.

The Poverty of Jeff Bezos

a close reading of his exit letter to Amazon employees

I Became a Literary Arts Activist in Ilorin

A watering hole of sorts, that was all I wanted.

The Limits of Logic

Who, or what, do you trust?

Biden at the Border

the problem wasn't "kids in cages"