A Coronation in Ibadan

The intellectual palm wine drinkers preserving African culture

Who Wants a War in West Africa?

notes on the recent coup in Niger

Crimes Against Nature

Policing and punishment in the illegal wildlife trades

Diary of a Journey to Ilorin

a return to the road, twenty-six years later

All Your Black Messiahs

radically reimagining the celebration of blackness

Sometime in April

The goodbye was a phone call just less than two minutes long.

Out of Africa

Claire’s father Sam Simmons would be there, and they would spend the next hour or two quaffing Castle beer, smoking and playing snooker in the dim, curtained rooms adjoining the bar.

The Price of a Book

There is in fact a bookshop - the oldest one around, I believe, very rich in its collection—that sells books at KES 300 higher. Take it or leave it.

Eulogies We Write

When I typed the last chapter of the translation, I did not want to finish it. It would mean there were no more stories to share.