Articles By Magunga Williams

Sometime in April

The goodbye was a phone call just less than two minutes long.

The Price of a Book

There is in fact a bookshop - the oldest one around, I believe, very rich in its collection—that sells books at KES 300 higher. Take it or leave it.

By the riverside

You call everyone who is not near you—and that is, well, everyone.

Give it days

And I asked her a question I had been meaning to ask her for a while now.

Writing life

I walk away, because I know just how fast and short my temper burns. At the drop of a hat, bridges will be in ashes.

“Ni sawa, no problem,” I remember responding.

Even though now she has changed her location and fucked up my whole structure for the day.

I really do not give a shit so long as that person makes a purchase

I will gladly get annoyed for profit.

Final Scene, Nairobi and Gaza

The World Cup in Evening