World War III, Or Just Clickbait??

Go on, have a guess

In China, the New Covid Normal Takes Hold

The fear, as always, goes unsaid.

What Does It Mean to Stand in Solidarity With People Who May Want You Dead?

A democratized China would be good for its own sake, no matter what it meant for relations with Taiwan.

Elections, Revolt, History and Helplessness

It was rather jarring to realize that all this had been going on in China while I had been hyper-focused on the Taiwanese elections

Me Today: Leaderboard

Twitter Is a Transnational Company

Musk has tried to ingratiate himself with authoritarians the world over.

Zero-Sum Covid

China and the United States are locked down together in equal and opposite policy failure.

Life Goes On in the Most Dangerous Place on Earth


A fortune teller said I’d peak at 28

Destiny revealed