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Kuomintang Kitsch

“This is a home run to Mars!” (這是一支打上火星的全壘打!)

On No Longer Being Able to Outrun the Police

During the Sunflower Movement, when I was 22, I felt like I could have powered through almost anything, given enough caffeine.

“Libtard” in the Chinese style

Activists in China concerned with social justice issues are derided for their "baizuo" mentality.

Of Banks, 7/11s, and Bananas

One ATM for every 826 residents.

My Dictator, Chiang Kai-shek

In the Shadows of the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial

Trump Your English


Crane Claws Took Over This Post

Luckey Kitten

A Ghost Island Of Crane-Claw Machines

A friend of mine found a crane-claw machine with the claw of a smaller crane-claw machine as a prize inside.

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Frozen Garlic

Tòng-soán as Political Pluralism in Taiwan