Articles By Brian Hioe

The Kuomintang Does Not Know How to Dance

Elderly politicians bust a move

Wu Bai, the Eternal “Taike” Rocker

Politics and pop success in Taiwan

A Hundred Hours of the Ministry of Health on Nightcore

For how long had I been doing this? A hundred days, or 10,000 years?

Between Infodemic and Pandemic: The Paranoid Style in Taiwanese Politics

Conspiracy theories are apparently a side effect of the Delta variant in Taiwan

Sex, Lies and Coronavirus

notes from the epicenter of Taipei's new outbreak

Andrew Yang: The Man Without Qualities

the model minority candidate for mayor of New York represents the status quo

Ever Given, Ever Global (Capitalism)

Taiwan’s precarious role in global supply chains

What’s the point of solidarity, anyhow?

On escaping the narrow confines of one’s own polity

‘Two Prisons’: a Chinese dissident’s story

This short documentary details Wang Zhongxia's account of political persecution and paranoia at the hands of Beijing police