Articles By Brian Hioe

Uh No, Things Are Perfectly Chill in Taiwan

People need to hear about Taiwanese perspectives

Now is the Age of Dictator Failsons in Asia Pacific

The 18th Brumaire of Chiang Wan-an

Sticking the Landing of the Pandemic in Taiwan

moving past COVID-zero into a safer future

Born in the [Nation-State]

... plus c'est la même chose

When You Wear a Tiger Suit to Try and Win Votes and It Still Doesn’t Work

the humiliating theatrics of campaigning

Life Goes On in the Most Dangerous Place on Earth


The Kuomintang Does Not Know How to Dance

Elderly politicians bust a move

Wu Bai, the Eternal “Taike” Rocker

Politics and pop success in Taiwan

A Hundred Hours of the Ministry of Health on Nightcore

For how long had I been doing this? A hundred days, or 10,000 years?