There were more birthday wishes, even some from people I didn’t know

It got me really really curious.

Editing Africa

I hope that the Africans who read Popula about other parts of Africa experience moments of recognition and wonder.

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Staying in a Hotel was Very Boring

We came across two tortoises crossing the road, and L remarked that it was a sign that we’d have a good day.

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The Faces of Woiye

Woiye really comes into its own during a good gossip session.

Remittance Futures

Kenyans abroad are viewed as unending sources of funds by state and kin.


I needed to buy the right kind of shampoo, to manage my hair and my heart.

Sunday Toons by Patrick Gathara

More editorial cartoons from the acid pen of Patrick Gathara!

Hiking Along Oloroka Range

From this point our hike turned into a treasure hunt for different types of animal poop.