Somalis’ love for black seed oil

Will I ever buy it again? Yes, I will.

Trials of a Legendary Kenyan Fighter

Boxing champion Conjestina Achieng deserves material support as well as honour

I picked up running at the beginning of 2017

Kipchoge has filled Kenyans with pride at a time when we so lack that feeling.

There were more birthday wishes, even some from people I didn’t know

It got me really really curious.

Editing Africa

I hope that the Africans who read Popula about other parts of Africa experience moments of recognition and wonder.

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Staying in a Hotel was Very Boring

We came across two tortoises crossing the road, and L remarked that it was a sign that we’d have a good day.

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The Faces of Woiye

Woiye really comes into its own during a good gossip session.

Remittance Futures

Kenyans abroad are viewed as unending sources of funds by state and kin.