navneet alang

Winter Repression

Towers aren’t there for the poor, they aren’t there for you and me.

In Toronto we tend not to have those arguments

Toronto has a lot of food, but no iconic dish. Could this be the fault of —Toronto?

Toronto: City of Parkettes

The parkette I have the fondest memory of doesn’t even have a name.

Paan Liqueur

Sometimes, the only thing that makes sense is to gulp down a thing that tastes unfamiliar, even unpleasant, until a reddish haze develops around the corners of your consciousness and everything starts to soften a bit.

Droning on about legroom or delays

or how dry the air is, your throat, your skin.

Toronto Does Lines

Why have good food in the Toronto suburbs when you can queue up downtown for absurd grilled cheese?

In Toronto, Every Car Is The Quiet Car

But that's not necessarily a good thing.