Sarah Miller

What if you are a fucking bitch?

What then?

I dared him to tell me he liked Hamilton

A slightly but not entirely sluggy day.

I got 50 % at Blind Tasting and Was Stoked

Technically it's an F but —

A Very Lost Coast Birthday

They seemed to have an instant rapport which could be explained by blood or just not explained at all.

Lost Coast Intro

I have discovered that the surest way to end up in a place is to imagine you'll never go there.

Yeah, it’s a rainbow, we saw it

It seemed to begin in Chico and end all the way back in Marysville.

The History of the See-Through

A family secret. Involving rabbits. And vodka. Lemon optional.

The Claret Chronicles

“Hello, I am your basic annoying American who has read a lot of English novels and I have been invited by real English people for lunch on Sunday and I want to bring a claret.”

Do Things Matter?

This is one of many articles you may have read about how nothing matters.