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Hiking Along Oloroka Range

From this point our hike turned into a treasure hunt for different types of animal poop.

J Remarked that Ngong Hills Wasn’t a Real Hike, Just a Nice Walk

J who’d been here most frequently said we didn’t need to pay for the armed guards. We’d just trail behind the groups that had a guard with them.

Someone Threw Something

A Walk in Kakamega Forest

A Year in Fruits

The tastiest fruits should be eaten when they are in season. Imported and refrigerated fruits do not taste as good.

Eburu Forest

I found out that our guides had cancelled a trip to nearby waterfalls because so many of us looked old and unfit.

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Thanksgiving Rituals

Meat and jam. Who’d have thought these could go together?

There are people who never tire of seeing the same bird

Someone, not me, comments that it’s time to leave (though that had been me the first time I went bird watching).