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Popula Film Club

Stream glorious movies, but not from Jeff Bezos

Popula Film Club

fascinating, plutocrat-free streaming options for the weekend

Introducing the Popula Film Club

great things to stream from plutocrat-free platforms

Bela Tarr’s ‘The Turin Horse’

a foreshadowing of the world’s end

Who is expendable?

The inescapable burdens of Ladj Ly’s Les Misérables

What is it to “like” a film?

When the provocation is the point.

Time Machine of Indian Cinema: Sarkari Shorts

The arts we love don’t remain innocent in the hands of oppressive forces.

‘Thackeray’: A Hindu Nationalist Hagiography

In Thackeray’s vision, Maharashtra belongs to the Marathis alone, and all other residents are invaders.