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Narragansett, The Beer of New England

The business of Gansett is really the business of nostalgia.

4 Minute Read

I’m angry because our lives are increasingly meted out in pockets of time, and I want it to stop.

Under The Weather

It's getting harder and harder to tell weather stories that make any sense.

Art Interrupted

There are lots of reasons art doesn’t get finished. A common reason is that the artist dies.

The Faces of Google Street View

Something interesting sometimes happens, a kind of rupture in the fabric of the Street View universe: the drivers’ faces appear, warped but not blurred.

The California Photograph

The artificial oasis of green, the spinning infrastructure of energy, the oblivious humans.

I got scammed

Maybe all authority is just a performance of a role.

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Mulled wine

Obviously, what happened is that everyone broke up.

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Of Philosophical Deaths and Slowly Strangling Sheep