Popula Film Club

Popula Film Club: Watch It

Great movie options for your streaming pleasure, that won't enrich any more billionaire monopolists.

Popula Film Club: Change Agents

Worthy and unusual streaming options for your weekend from non-plutocratic platforms, because Jeff Bezos has enough money now

Popula Film Club: All for Love

Streaming options to keep your hard-earned pistoles out of the pockets of corporate media

Popula Film Club: Back to the Sofa

Fine streaming options, but not from Jeff Bezos

Popula Film Club: Dream Worlds

want to stream a movie without contributing to the plutocracy? we've got options

Popula Film Club: Diaries

Enthralling, plutocrat-free streaming options for the weekend

Popula Film Club: Right On!

MORE fascinating, plutocrat-free streaming options for your weekend, or "weekend"

Popula Film Club: Black Filmmakers

a selection of great movies to stream, from independent platforms

Popula Film Club: ubuweb

so many kinds of escape this week