Loss For Words: A Meditation on the Ubiquity of Bizarre Corporate Language

"Sometimes a CEO would come in and pace. He needed to “think out loud.” We’d have pastries, coffee; I remember feeling at a loss: how do I behave in front of this client when I have truly no idea what I’m supposed to do or be?"

Popula Film Club: Art, Horror, Laughter

A respite from the IRL

Uninteresting Places

There are two malls in my city.

Brain/Salad Misery

All packed up in clear thin plastic!

Is Philanthropy Good?

spoiler: not always

4 Minute Read

I’m angry because our lives are increasingly meted out in pockets of time, and I want it to stop.

How to Suck at Business Without Really Trying

I didn’t know the term then, but I had become a toiler on a content farm.

Normel Person

The parental is political

All That Exists Melts Into 7-Eleven

I think I'm the only person I know who has ever tried 7-Eleven bubble tea.