climate change

Under The Weather

It's getting harder and harder to tell weather stories that make any sense.

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CO2: Foe, or… Friend?

Supercritical CO2 is heavy like a liquid but as penetrating as a gas, with surprisingly weird and useful properties.

Fine, white ash fluttered down and stuck to our clothing like dandruff

Between chapters, I compulsively checked Purple Air on my phone for the latest Air Quality Index.

Step One: Rationalize

The wallpaper had fallen off the walls in the living room and lay on the floor.

Country Strong

California is great, and also not great, and it follows you wherever you go.

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Disaster Aesthetics

The hottest new trend in interior design is climate change.

The Seed Stewards

Farmer Kristyn Leach is empowering people of color to preserve their own agricultural history.