climate change

What remains of Paradise

The environmental consequences of today’s massive fires don’t end when the fire is out and the smoke clears.

Burning Season’s Greetings

It's getting to be a habit with us, this being on fire.


Life with and without water: the penultimate in a cycle of elemental comics

The U.S. Chamber of Horrors and Commerce

In 2008, half of its donations came from 45 corporate donors, including Goldman Sachs, Chevron Texaco, and Dow Chemical.

Pascal’s Climate

Collective climate action doesn’t fall off a tree

Smoke and Mirrors

California is the world, and we don’t have any illusions left.

The Two Greens, Part 2

To achieve a transformation adequate to the scale of planetary catastrophe, we will need to stop having firms that are ruled by profit.

Under The Weather

It's getting harder and harder to tell weather stories that make any sense.

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CO2: Foe, or… Friend?

Supercritical CO2 is heavy like a liquid but as penetrating as a gas, with surprisingly weird and useful properties.