Sex, Lies and Coronavirus

notes from the epicenter of Taipei's new outbreak

How to Get By

"I’d expected something more existential or philosophical to help with my grief — like really good art or therapy. Instead, repetitive movements and cheesy motivational sayings were getting me to a place of semi-emotional stability. After working out, I felt like I could get through the day."

The Bag Dress and How I Lost My Mind

I can barely write these words

My last pint at the Wally Dug

an unthinkable year without pubs in Edinburgh

COVID-19 Diary Comic: Bars I’m Missing in the Holidays

Quarantined away from liquid holiday cheer

Election Diary: Touch Me I’m Sick

The real surprise here is not the specific endgame

COVID-19 Diary Comic: Long Odd Summer

Reporting from the Big Long Now

The Next Day There Were No Onions

Are we transformed?

The Sun Won’t Set Again Until August

They’ve chosen to leave the road open, since it appears the bear is wandering away from town.