My Airport: LCG

An escape hatch, and a friendly doorway back home


raf raf raf

Stamped Out

How to tell, in the moment, whether something will be quickly fixed or is the start of a life-altering blockage?

In case of emergency

I felt somewhat stupid as I said all this. No, this doctor wouldn’t understand.


The real Los Angeles sky is bluer than how they show it in the transition shots.

Grocery-store nationalism

In the grocery store, sometimes I feel very conscious of the length of my short dress, or whom I have gone with.

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Sometimes I like to pretend that I have better things to do

I tried to remember if I had verbally spoken to anyone in person all weekend. I closed the tab.


It didn’t just happen overnight, the neat, sarcastic packaging of my childhood misfortunes.

La Comédie humaine: Introduction

I mention all this prefatory to the story of enrolling myself in French acting lessons.