The Shape of a Story

... or so I've been told

Abroad: the distance between Calcutta and California

A poet's refusal to "translate"


But there he is again, a few pages later, with his tiny cursive handwriting.

Jack Pendarvis’s Moby-Dick

He… uh… turns her into what is inevitably called “nut-brown” from the sun, and all her problems also vanish.

By the roots

Shaw did more than expose the hypocrisies at the heart of conservative Victorian morality.

Jack Pendarvis’s Moby-Dick

Do you think he’s rude because he uses his harpoon to reach across the table and stab a beefsteak?

Jack Pendarvis’s Moby-Dick

“Here I am in my raggedy hat and my… boots with the holes in it, and I can’t afford a frickin’… hamburger!"

Jack Pendarvis’s Moby-Dick

"Hey! Everybody. I’m tellin’ you a story."

Fantasy Critic

By Great Owywiewi's beard, we're doomed!