I Didn’t Know You Were Indigenous

The question isn’t the problem. The problem is the question.

Oakland Voters Approve “Democracy Dollars” Election Donation Vouchers

Passed with strong support, the measure will send every voter four $25 credits to give to campaigns, while strengthening other election finance rules.

The Last Dirty Picture Show

A love letter to the Tiki Adult Theater: "When it’s gone, where will all these lost souls go?"

COVID-19 Diary Comic: Bars I’m Missing in the Holidays

Quarantined away from liquid holiday cheer

COVID-19 Diary Comic: Long Odd Summer

Reporting from the Big Long Now

High schoolers of 2006 visit the Banksy show in LA

It was really hot that day.


The real Los Angeles sky is bluer than how they show it in the transition shots.

There was no glorious leap forward at the green light

The transmission was gone, I knew.

ME TODAY Primary category in which blog post is published

Every year I make the joke that I’ll be watching the big game at LACMA

A good chunk of people ask in earnest if the museum is broadcasting the game. I hate everyone so much.