The Death of Dodge

How do you talk to a child who's about to lose a pet?

The Sad World of Reptile Obits

RIP Slinky

Reflections of a Grave-Digger

I mourned New York, the relationship, my friend.

Geckos aren’t particularly active during the day, but are prone to “leaps of faith”

He landed with a surprising smack on the board, between two game pawns.

Nurturing Kittens Showed Me I Could Nurture Others

The kittens, like a classmate crush, made me feel better through their distant presence and consistent cuteness.

Mbwa Kali

It felt like a rite of passage to have a story about being chased by dogs

I committed a venial sin and checked my phone in church, only to see an email that stressed me out, which was obviously God telling me not to check my phone in church.

Eventually mom and I left (before church was over, there’s only so much we can take).