Back to the Age of Political Strongmen

The incoherence is the point

All You Can (or Can’t) Eat, in Taiwan

Free rice, price controls and April Fool's pizza in Taiwan

Infinite Combinations of Instant Zombie Food

crazy delicious

World War III, Or Just Clickbait??

Go on, have a guess

What Does It Mean to Stand in Solidarity With People Who May Want You Dead?

A democratized China would be good for its own sake, no matter what it meant for relations with Taiwan.

Elections, Revolt, History and Helplessness

It was rather jarring to realize that all this had been going on in China while I had been hyper-focused on the Taiwanese elections

Twitter Is a Transnational Company

Musk has tried to ingratiate himself with authoritarians the world over.

Fur Children, Aging, Urban Alienation

Auntie once told me that Wang Wang could speak