What’s in a Name?

A 1941 book called Crosby Gaige’s Cocktail Guide and Ladies’ Companion is where my favorite cocktail first appears in print.

La Comédie humaine: Va voir un psy

The French are nuts for Ça va. They think it’s “cruel and profound in its drôlerie.”

La Comédie humaine: Mot de passe

My journey to the savage heart of French culture was well underway.

La Comédie humaine: Bright lights

“WHRROA-kay,” he said. “Now, walk in a paranoid spirit.”

La Comédie humaine: Entrée

This sounded great. “Sign me up!” I said.

I am living proof that you can go far in life without seeing a Beckett play.

There is a list called “Writers Who Are Not Funny in the Traditional or Indeed Any Other Sense, But Some People Nevertheless Insist on Participating in the Fiction that They Are ‘Actually Hilarious,’ ” and it feels to me that Beckett is at the top of that list.

The Whites of Quebec

How could anyone think white Canadians playing the roles of slaves was a good idea?

Imagine walking into work and hearing the same music at the exact same time of day—every day

Your entire work day has a soundtrack.