Syllabiology: Writing and Reading Fiction

I believe that you can be a friend of art or a friend of censorship; you can’t be both. 

Can You Guess Which Part of This Was Written by an AI?

... and which part by Harry Siegel?

Syllabiology: Living in Letters

"This course will be conducted completely through the postal mail."

The Harper’s Letter: Please, Seriously?

David Roth and Maria Bustillos yak regarding justice, freedom and the Harper's letter.

‘We’ and Orwell

Orwell doesn’t see O’Brien as “seduced by a mistaken theory or blind to the facts,” Rorty observes. “He simply views him as dangerous and possible.”

Finally, it was settled that the driver must be Idoma

Everyone started to yell at him.

ME TODAY Primary category in which blog post is published

Citrus Season

I left my apartment in the morning with two oranges in my coat pockets.

ME TODAY Primary category in which blog post is published

I had four more mangoes

I figured that if I ate one after every half hour, they would last me the film's entire two-hour duration. Quick maths.

The Price of a Book

There is in fact a bookshop - the oldest one around, I believe, very rich in its collection—that sells books at KES 300 higher. Take it or leave it.