Tempo: May 19, 2019

J. Matt on the heart-stopping scale of the Camp Fire cleanup; Molly Fisk, who lives nearby, visited the scene of the fire; Trevor Alixopulos examines damage control from within, rather than without.

Your basic California spring gorgeousness

Sandy drove us past the Safeway, which only looks like a grocery store because there's a line of carts out front all melted together.

What remains of Paradise

The environmental consequences of today’s massive fires don’t end when the fire is out and the smoke clears.

Where Your Eyes Don’t Go

My dr says I'm lacking in depth.

The soft interrogations of ‘bei hecha’ (被喝茶)

Charges can and will be invented, when push comes to shove.

Sometime in April

The goodbye was a phone call just less than two minutes long.

Mildly shook: a Hecha recollection

Eight kuai a packet.

Tempo: May 12, 2019

Lorenzo Andolfatto on China's "soft" interrogations of ordinary people; a first-hand account of such an interrogation; Magunga Williams's reminiscences of a former colleague in Nairobi.

Tolkien is a wildly underrated prose stylist

Anyway I slacked off work, and started on my contribution to the posterity of Tolkien fandom