A Supreme Fiction

a meditation on the paintings of Jesse Murry

Eyes Lowered

The label on the wall describes the painting as a self-portrait, but I see it as a mirror

Left to Rot

Everything created is designed to decay. Man's detritus was Noah Purifoy's inspiration.

The Art World Was Broken Before NFTs

the art world, not the crypto world, is running this thing

Are Public Statues Art?

Some will, like me, think of the sawed lady

Teaching the Liberal Arts in Prison

Our college listed our class as Craft of Manga.

Tonight in SF: ‘In Their Own Words: a Dialogue About Global Warming’

'The work is intended to be an alarm rung to wake us up to the emergency we face.'

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Smoke Break

So many of my thoughts about America, its domestic and international crimes, have revolved around my need to feel like it’s not my fault.