There are not the numbers Numbers NUMBERS in Parliament for any version of Brexit or Revoke

Premonitions of Brexit (1979)

'Telford's Change' embodies an ambivalence which carries through to the Britain of today.

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It was here, on the U7 line, that I saw her: the Celine Dion busker

She only ever sings that one song, to the same backing track.

A Close Reading of Theresa May’s Frida Kahlo Bracelet

It’s not a political statement so much as an anti-statement, a means of image-making that resists firm interpretation.

Sunday Toons by Patrick Gathara

More editorial cartoons from the acid pen of Patrick Gathara!

Grocery-store nationalism

In the grocery store, sometimes I feel very conscious of the length of my short dress, or whom I have gone with.

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The Street: or How I learned to start worrying about Corrie and listen to Mordecai Richler

There’s a palpable sense that Britain was at its best back when people were living on rations, the era that had just come to a close when Coronation Street first went on the air.

Left vs Left

The Left once stood for extraparliamentary struggle; now you are a bomb-hurling maniac for suggesting a trivial tax increase.