I Didn’t Know You Were Indigenous

The question isn’t the problem. The problem is the question.

Oakland Voters Approve “Democracy Dollars” Election Donation Vouchers

Passed with strong support, the measure will send every voter four $25 credits to give to campaigns, while strengthening other election finance rules.

COVID-19 Diary Comic: Long Odd Summer

Reporting from the Big Long Now

What remains of Paradise

The environmental consequences of today’s massive fires don’t end when the fire is out and the smoke clears.

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Citrus Season

I left my apartment in the morning with two oranges in my coat pockets.

A Very Lost Coast Birthday

They seemed to have an instant rapport which could be explained by blood or just not explained at all.

Smoke and Mirrors

California is the world, and we don’t have any illusions left.

The Two Greens, Part I

The economy, the environment, John Maynard Keynes, and why we’re never gonna get a sweet train, sorry.

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I tweeted about how I’d rather be parched than interacting with people

I thought about ding-dong-ditching and realized how poorly that could go because I’m not much of a runner.