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Krankmeldung (that is, a Doctor’s Note)

When I told my German friends that I’d been hired by Amazon, their responses were negative. But I doubted them; how bad could it be?

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It turned out we were truly at the Vegas of German spas

The balconied walls were frescoed to look like Italy and covered in fake flowers. There was a bar in the pool.

The Dora Mayer Duty

In 1916, when this story began, there were only a few Mayers: mad, hysterical, independent, interesting women—alone in their time.

The Autograph Collector

Why should somebody make up something like this?

What a smart bird

I hadn’t scheduled dinner or relax time or bedtime in my Google Calendar because I’m not a psychopath.

Against Fortress Leftism

Free movement over markets is a minimum demand.

Final Scene, Berlin

The World Cup in the Sun