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Happy Birthday, Brick House!

one beautiful year of the groundbreaking journalist-owned and -operated cooperative

Some Personal News

The life and death of a freelance journalism career: "I guess I wonder why some writers still do it. I hope they still want to make a difference—or just have amazing experiences—because there’s value in that."

Journalists are wealth creators

How Popula's new home, The Brick House, puts writers, artists and publishers in control of our own work

Election Diary: You’re a Loser, Baby

Our standard for decency has come to embrace anyone willing to object to our calamitous glissade into a failed state.

The Harper’s Letter: Please, Seriously?

David Roth and Maria Bustillos yak regarding justice, freedom and the Harper's letter.

Tie a Tourniquet on Your Heart

revisiting Edna Buchanan, America's greatest police reporter

Becoming a Journalist in a Pandemic

Journalism school wasn't supposed to go like this.

Don’t Save Journalism

there's a better way

‘We’ and Orwell

Orwell doesn’t see O’Brien as “seduced by a mistaken theory or blind to the facts,” Rorty observes. “He simply views him as dangerous and possible.”