A veteran and historian responds to Nate Powell’s “About Face”

The 1,600 military amputees since 2001 whose vehicles were so easily targeted with IEDs are not play-acting.

About Face

Death and surrender to power in the clothing of men.

Ceasefire in Boston

The fictional narrative of Boston—where crime is a way of life and gangsters are bound by a code of honor—has no basis in reality.

I got scammed

Maybe all authority is just a performance of a role.

Vigilantes Next Door

“Community policing” means so many things that it doesn’t really mean anything at all.

Black Cop, Black Power

If we forsook cop films for a century there would be nary a loss to civilization.

Police Tape is Weird

Police line do not cross police line do not cross police line do not cross police line

Down with the daily crime story

Crime stories shouldn’t be the cops’ story.

Writing On Rizzo

What to do about the most vandalized piece of public art in Philly? Cartoonist Ben Passmore draws out the Rizzo Mural.