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Freedom to Make Art* (*restrictions apply)

Afghanistan's troubled film history, examined in a new documentary

Popula Film Club: The Horror

scary movies streaming from non-scary platforms

Popula Film Club: Originals

Avoid megacorp pablum: here are vividly exciting options for your streaming weekend

Popula Film Club: Wild Visions

Scary cool and strange films to stream this weekend from non-corporate platforms

Popula Film Club: Art, Horror, Laughter

A respite from the IRL

Popula Film Club: Escape and Confrontation

getting away from it all to the extent possible

Popula Film Club: Not the Evening News

Stream brilliant films from plutocrat-free platforms

Popula Film Club: Hard Out Here

plutocrat-free streaming options for your viewing pleasure

Popula Film Club: In Deep

Streaming options for the long weekend, plutocrat-free, from independent platforms