Infinite Combinations of Instant Zombie Food

crazy delicious

Of Couches and Class Rage

no such thing as a free couch

Now is the Age of Dictator Failsons in Asia Pacific

The 18th Brumaire of Chiang Wan-an

Sex, Lies and Coronavirus

notes from the epicenter of Taipei's new outbreak

“This revolution will have no winners, but bear witness to it”

The question of solidarity from afar still bothers me.

Instant Zombie Food is Delicious

the wonders of Taiwan 7/11 instant food

Journey to the end of the Bangka night

“Handsome guys! Beautiful women! 929 is broken! Thank you for your patronage!”

Between the Bars

On my last night there Big Brother Zeng, who was normally extremely chill, lost it at a customer.

When the scam artist realizes you’re not going to fall for it

This hair salon auntie also seemed like a somewhat unreliable narrator.