world cup

Populacast, No. 4

Stand clear of the closing doors!

In what other sport do you have a moment where one man will determine the mood of millions?

This one moment Greek tragedy-like climax of personal drama combined with nationalism exists in no other sport.

This morning Juliana, three years old, and Dave, three and a half, woke us up singing at the top of their voices.

Juliana and Dave’s early morning orchestra, where they trudge around and regale the community with melodic nursery rhymes and lullabies, is something beautiful to hear and watch.

I was spending the day getting supplies for my grocery store.

Errands in Kampala. Later, football and drinks.

The Canvas Rolls Back

Did the World Cup give us what we needed?

Final Scene, Tokyo

The World Cup at Midnight

Final Scene, Tehran and Bombay

World Cup at Dusk

Final Scene, Nairobi and Gaza

The World Cup in Evening

Final Scene, Belgrade and Tel Aviv

World Cup in Evening