Der Prozess

Stamped Out

How to tell, in the moment, whether something will be quickly fixed or is the start of a life-altering blockage?

A meeting in reality and in imagination

In the photo she had been shouting so hard the veins on her neck stood out.

A Registered Reader at the British Library

At this desk, I wrote the bulk of my dissertation.


There are not the numbers Numbers NUMBERS in Parliament for any version of Brexit or Revoke

On the outside

The machine warps the cog and the cog warps the machine.

Krankmeldung (that is, a Doctor’s Note)

When I told my German friends that I’d been hired by Amazon, their responses were negative. But I doubted them; how bad could it be?

This Call May Be Monitored

How did a person grow up in a society governed by financial institutions and never get taught how they work?

F-1 Is for Foreigner

I have been trying my best to wean myself off of my sense of belonging.

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Visa Wahala

For three months, my passport had been in the possession of the directorate of immigration.